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About the logo

If you stop to ponder the question for just a moment, what exactly is recovery from addiction and dependency really about?  Essentially, recovery can simply be described as avoiding the ultimate consequence, saving your own life—–escaping the flatline.  Branded for the purpose of sharing one’s journey from the darkness of dependency to overcoming the challenges of addiction, finding renewed life, and ultimately celebrating the success of sobriety as a symbol of strength and courage.  This logo is slowly taking its place as the universal symbol for those in all stages of recovery as well as a symbol worn in support pf loves ones who struggle with this disease.  Those who are fighting to escape the flatline daily.  A symbol worn to instill hope with the beating heart at the end.

All merchandise sold on this site will include a portion of profits given back to those engaged in the mission of defeating addiction in all its ugly forms.  We encourage you to wear your recovery as a badge of strength and hope as millions just like you have or currently walk similar paths.  Wear it proudly a beacon of support to those whom you love fighting for their lives daily, showing them love and your belief in them.  Your story can and will help bring the light to someone in the midst of this battle.  Also, its our way to give back and bring the fight to this disease that hurts so many,

About Me

Hello.  My name is Archie and I myself am a recovering addict of over 15 years.  This logo is my effort to fight back against a disease that took so much from me but can be overcome.  I have committed to giving a portion of profits from merchandise sales to utilize in this fight for recovery.  I hope you will join this ever growing group as we display our hope, strength and gift of new life absent of shame and together encourage a brighter future for those who live with dependency.


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